Repugnant silver beads cast their gaze from the aperature in the door as

          he spoke, so that she found herself narrowing her own in an act of derision. He
          knew the reasons for her appearance, the criminal being withheldand for what
          reason? ) from her deliverance. Yet he toyed with her, played this game as
he held the upper-hand, wherein it suddenly became necessary she
          locate restraint so as to not reach out and snatch every whisker from his beastly
          chin. His reasoning was not sound. Surely there was no legitimate care given
          for this officer he harbored, and she would deduce the motive quickly— time being
          imperative in this obligation.

                    He stood in her way, an obstacle on all fronts, that she might fall to her
          knees and beat the ground under the duress of inconsolable rage— but however
          attractive a tantrum that seemed, she stood firmly affixed on his steps, instead.
          In her eyes there was no reason he should risk his ties with Soul Society over
          some sniveling child who couldn’t control her tongue ( one that Kurotsuchi
ought to rip from her gullet, perhaps she would send that in
instead ). He once stood in the shadow that loomed over her,
          he knew what protocol was.The military, and one at war, could not spare the
          loose lips of one so jaded as to abandon their post.

                                                                     Abandon. Such a cowards game.
                                                                     He had played this too had he not?

                    Ah… But how foolish to think Urahara Kisuke actually held sympathy or
           nursed feelings for anyone other than himself. Loathsome from the moment
           they became acquainted— now was no different. So a hand is pushed along the
           broad expanse of an entrance held ajar, and she slips beneath his arm.

                                                                     Dank. Terrible decor. Hideous.
                                                                     Nothing else could be expected.


                                                                      “——Pour me a cup if you must,
                                                                        but don’t patronize me, Kisuke.
                                                                   You know why I’m here, so let’s
                                                                        cut the idle blathering and come to an
                                                                   agreement. I don’t have time to waste.”

          He watched her slip through beneath his arm, not moving or turning to grab her and pull her back. It was completely unnecessary, seeing that Rei was already hidden safely and that Soifon— though she despised him— stuck to her word regarding things such as agreements. To act so violently would cause her to react in the same way back, and it was certainly not another problem he needed to add to his plate. Plus, he wanted to stay as the good guy in the situation, or at least as ‘good guy’ as he could get.

                       ”Just trying to ease the tension~”

            Kisuke briskly followed behind her, allowing her to scrutinize as she wished. There was no doubt she was already in the midst of doing so. Ripping and tearing each minor detail apart to use it as evidence against him, to prove— to whom, he did not know— that he was truly a horrible man. If there had been a sock on the floor he would’ve assumed that she deducted it to be a symptom of his laziness and sluggish behavior. It hardly bothered him, he never thought much of it, it was just how Soifon was.

           Towards him at least.

           He placed the tea on the small table that he was, moments ago, speaking to Rei near. Sitting down in his usual spot, the shopkeeper removed the pipe he kept locked in the drawer and lit it, idly and quietly smoking while he lingered in thought. Finally, after seconds of silence, he spoke:

                    “What’s your offer?” 



"…Why the hell would I do that?

         ”It’s an old but very effective technique we use to make our brains more alert! I would tell you the science behind it, but you probably wouldn’t understand~”

CAN'T BE SHOOED, WON'T BE SHOOED. Instead, he offers up a beaming smile. A F F E C T I O N.~ "Now now, don't be rude."

        ( kisuke bout to go GHOSTBUSTERS on your ass )

                   ”What is it, Aizen? I have little care for your childish games.”

"Oh Kisuke darling.~" IT BEGINS.

        “Fuck off.”



"You want me to what?

 ”Stand on your head!”


It took a moment for dignity to ask for its dues, a faint red spreading over her cheeks at how alarmingly childish her position felt. It diluted the adrenaline awakening had produced, how eyes had swiftly opened to escape the monsters lurking in her unconscious mind. That was enough to remind her of the gravity of the situation and she frowned, drawing herself out of his lap with as much grace as she could muster. A quick limp settled her opposite to him, lips compressed in a narrow, uncomfortable line that greatly contrasted the shopkeeper’s seeming nonchalance.

What a question… she heaved a quiet sigh, contemplating it in silence.

Tessai returned shortly, bearing a tray with an assortment of goods. Tea, dango skewers and onigiri, and a small jar of honey, plenty enough to heavily dose a cup of tea if one wished. The corners of his mustache twitched upwards in a slight smile for Rei—a tiny gesture she returned along with a soft mumble of gratitude as he set the tray down on the low table between her and Urahara, arranged the cups for them, poured the tea, and then retreated, a slight motion given to the other male to indicate he intended to retrieve the gauze mentioned moments before his arrival.

She didn’t really want to talk just yet, still organizing everything in her mind whilst quickly reaching for an onigiri—half of it was gone with a single bite, a clear indication that she hadn’t eaten in some time. When had her last meal been, anyway? The hours were blurred in her head, too hard to tell how long her travel in the Dangai had taken.

Another onigiri and a skewer of dango were quick to disappear, practically inhaled; her stomach considered itself satisfied for the moment, and she turned her attention to the tea. Plain green, which suited her just fine. A dollop of honey gave it an amber tinge and she stared into it blankly for a small while, then blew and took a slow sip, finally giving voice to her thoughts.

"I don’t know whether or not you’re aware of the manifestation of certain captains’… Hollowfied sides. As a separate being."

"As a separate being?"

He knew of their…. abilities, mainly because he saved them from becoming completely hollow. However, never did he hear that their manifestations, their hollows, began to create their own person out side of their body. Whatever was happening, he had to make sure Ichigo’s hollow stayed within. That, though, was not of concern currently, and would be sticky noted to the back of his mind until he discovered more from Rei.

"I’m aware of their hollow sides, however, the manifestations I did not hear of," he replied, blowing the steam away from the tea before taking a sip, his mind in deep thought. "As a separate being? Hm. Interesting."

He did believe that this was connected as to why Rei was in the human world in such a ragged state— mentally and physically, he deduced watching her vacuum the food off the plate. “Do these manifestations have anything to do with why you are here? Are you afraid them? Hiding, perhaps?”

It was only natural for her to run and hide from such beasts— he had seen their hollow forms himself, they were not a force to deal with unless you were stronger than a captain. 

"I can assure you, Rei-chan, beneath that mask is not a monster."

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